I'll Never Write a Novel

The Memoir of a Personal Essayist OR Confessions of a Theatre Widow

Friday, February 27, 2009

Good, Better, Best (volume 3)

Good: It's Lent! While I am a Christmas fanatic (just a little too crazy about that holiday,actually), Lent is so important to me because it's the reason that it means something to be a Christian. Christmas is beautiful and magical but it is the "easy" holiday, in that everyone loves the joyous birth of a baby. Nothing has made me happier recently than the birth of my nephew Daniel, for instance. What a joy to see my sister become a mom and to know that this new little person is all hope. Easter, on the other hand, centers on the fact that Jesus Christ died. Without the death, and the resurrection, the birth of Christ would be historically and spiritually less significant. Easter reminds us that in all the ways we "die" a little, there is always the hope of resurrection and transformation.

This Lenten season I am giving up my whining. No more hanging up the phone frustrated with a client and kvetching about how hard they make my job. Just happy to have the work. No more complaints about dogs who take tissues out of the garbage. She's a great dog, really. Enough with the blah, blah, blah about the loud neighbors upstairs. I am sure we make more than our share of noise. I want to be more positive and more peaceful. Oh, and no more swearing. I don't do that very much, but it's got to stop.

Better: Living in New Jersey. Now, I get to be a Jersey Girl for a little bit. I know it makes my Jersey Girl Mom very happy. I think I will officially reside in NYC soon enough. For now, I get to see the most spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline rising over the Hudson right on my front porch every day. Even mundane tasks like walking the dog are more inspired because of the scenery. And my little family gets to spend a lot of time together. Hooray!

Best: Well, here it is. Prayers are answered. The Dad Guy booked a BROADWAY SHOW! I can hardly believe it, but I know it's real because I read it on the internets! Obviously I knew it wasn't a matter of "if" but "when." But the speediness of the "when" and the coolness of originating a role in a brand new show leaves me in awe. Thanks for all the prayers, and thanks especially to the aforementioned Jersey Girl who must have made this a special intercession in heaven. So, hopefully lots of people will have good reason to come see us here. We miss our friends and family like crazy. I am so unbelievably proud of my hubby and so grateful for the embarrassment of blessing bestowed upon us. Here's to a long and successful run!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Good, Better, Best (volume 2)

Good: My hair is getting redder again. All by itself. It's been fun to watch the hints of copper and auburn reemerge. This is how my hair is supposed to be. I wish I could take a photo to show you, but I am awful at self portraits, unlike Jenny and Shelley, masters of the art. I don't know how a person can look super pointy while having a double chin and looking fat, but I can do it when I am taking my own photos. So, you'll just have to take my word on the hot red hair I am rocking. There are also these hairs of a different color appearing. They are white. We shall not speak of them in GBB.

Better: I intend to do some sort of fashion round-up as it's now awards season, but I haven't gotten to it yet. However, I saw a photo that made me laugh so hard that it had to rate a comment here. I have no idea what Lisa Rinna is doing at the SAG awards. I thought invited to those were reserved for actual "Actors," but somehow she is there. And in a bid to be totally ironic or oxymoron-ish she managed to demonstrate that with medical intervention, you can defy the word SAG in your everyday life. But that is not the funniest part. What in the world is happening here!? She must have said a prayer to "Santa Ana" the patron saint of wind and grace to keep her from showing us more Lisa Rinna than I care to see. Click on the image to read the hilarious commentary and to get a better look at the impeccable waxing job.

Those girls at Go Fug Yourself crack me up!

Best: I have been able to see my husband for the first time in three weeks! In the last couple days we have spent quality time with family, celebrated our nephew's 10th birthday (wow!), and hung out with some of our most favorite friends. To cap it off, we are eagerly awaiting the birth of my sister's baby boy. She is going to be an unbelievably good mom, and I cannot wait to meet the little guy! I suspect we are less than 36 hours from delivery now. Hooray! Now, that is the best.