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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What I Love Watching Right Now

Want a peek at my favorite thing on the interwebs right now...


Wow! That guy is GOOD. He makes me want to use Office Live. So talented and such a celebrity. Right?

Speaking of celebrities, my hubby gets to be Patrick Dempsey version 2.0 again this week. I haven't seen him in over 2 1/2 weeks and he comes back to hang out with Dempsey. Just kidding. I am always happy for him to do cool worky stuff. And I get my fix of seeing him on the internet anyway! Right?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How cute is my baby?

As I said in my San Diego post, I have baby vacay photos. And they are so cute, if I must say myself...
This might be my favorite picture of Little G. Dad and Grandpa had gone into Del Taco to get lunch on our road trip. Is she laughing at us for such an awful decision? I think we are just south south of Dana Point. This level of adorable had been, up to this point, hard to capture on film, but somehow we got it here. Thanks, Del Taco!

And then we got to San Diego and captured more cuteness. The Dad Guy had been racing her stroller all around the streets of downtown and the Babes was giggling and having the time of her life. I haven't seen this face nearly as much while he's been away.

There are, of course, more photos to come. And hopefully someone will generously share Halloween photos with me since mine stink. G was a little bear. There should be a shot of her with two other wee ones, a piggie and a monkey. Monkies and Piggies and Bears. Oh my.

And I was Tina Fey, by the way. Basically my costume was me in my regular clothes with a pair of glasses on. And people totally got it. Nice.

Monday, November 05, 2007

I Love Coffee

I just thought I should put it in writing today. I don't know why today is the day I need to profess my love of the pit of the coffee cherry, but I just needed to say it.

I love coffee.

My addiction has changed over time, but it still has power. I don't drink a dozen or more shots of espresso every day like I used to, but I long for a fix, even if it's a decaf one. Yes, I said decaf, and it's not blasphemy.

Once upon a time, my doctor instructed me that I couldn't have caffeine anymore (at about the time I was slamming shot after shot of the stuff). In fact, my doctor had me account what my daily diet looked like. When I finished he asked, "Do you know that coffee isn't a food group?" Perhaps I didn't realize that. So, years after that medical intervention, I now have to limit or cut out caffeine altogether. That doesn't mean I can't have coffee. I am a decaf connoisseur. And, when I do drink the "real deal" it works like a charm. Back in the day I could drink piles of caffeine before bed (maybe a triple shot and a can of Coke) and go right to sleep. The quality of sleep is certainly in question, but my eyes were shut and there was something sleep-like about it. Now, even one shot of espresso after Noon, and it's no sleep till Brooklyn. Yikes. I like that it possesses it's proper power these days. And I really like that decaf makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Hooray.

I love the smell of coffee, the culture of coffee, the way it makes me feel, the way it makes other people feel. The liquid is magical. It tastes good by itself, with or without sugar, great as ice cream. I could go on and on, but I suspect you already know. As a former barista and coffee specialist at *$, I know the intimate relationship people have with their coffee. Whether it's extra hot, with non-fat or extra pumps of vanilla, whatever the case may be, people like to fill the boxes on the side of their cup. That's what makes it uniquely and possessively theirs. I'll take it just about any way, as long as it's made well. And with good beans. And roasted well.

Finally, a Coffee Haiku:

My dear coffee friend
How lovely you make me feel
Thanks Starbucks Siren


Friday, November 02, 2007

Oprah Controls My Life

Oprah just had a special on about getting a haircut. She made it sound magical. It sounds life changing. I suspect that every hairstylist in the country is getting bombarded with phone calls right now because that's how it works with Oprah. She likes a book, it sells multi-million copies. She raves about a bra or a pair of jeans: SOLD OUT. Now, she says people should take a look at their hair. And we, en masse, do. I am an impulse haircutter, too. If I don't do it tomorrow, I might not do it at all. But when the moment strikes me, I might just cut it all off. Yikes.

And Oprah says, "Get a haircut." So, I want to. She showed how you can look younger, fresher, better. Me too?

Am I bold? Am I brave? Do I actually need a haircut? If I do get a haircut, what will I do? Can Oprah's people come by and help me out?