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Friday, November 14, 2008

Good, Better, Best (volume 1)

This is my new way of finding things to be excited about (for me) and sharing quick updates (for you). It's a stab at a sort of "Grateful Journal" and I'd like to hope it's entertaining. Let's see how we do!

Good: My 'first born' (my mom hates when I say that), our precious puppy, is doing well in her temporary set-up. Of all the joys that have come with my hubby booking this awesome gig, one big drawback is that our dog (known to Little G as "doggy," "Mo" or "Good Girl," cannot be with us on this leg of the journey. G asks for her every day and it breaks my heart. I tell her, "We're on one adventure, and Mo's on her own adventure and we'll see her soon." Well, today we got to fulfill that wish, sort of. We got to see her today! Here she is! It sounds like she is doing well. We miss her so much, but know she's in the very best hands. She may not want us back after staying with Tom and Patti!

Better: Washington, DC, is an awesome place. We have a decent little apartment set-up here and we are close to all sorts of amazing, ridiculously cool, historically important landmarks. It is the cradle of American history and I will have the time to see so much of it. I have made lots of trips here in my life, times that I treasure. It's nice to reminisce and to make new memories. I can't wait to take the Dad Guy and the Babes to see the Constitution. I am less than a mile from it! The delicious icing on the cake is how close we are to some of our best friends and wonderful family members. I have already started to connect with one of my favorite girlfriends, Kathryn, and had a play date with her son, Oliver. He is crazy cute!

Best: It looks like my amazing husband has successfully booked his next job! It's a big one. It's the workshop for a Broadway-aimed show, The Addams Family. It's based on the original cartoons and so far the people attached to the project are, well, the best people going in musical theatre. We still have to wait and see if his employer and potential employer can work out the kinks of his conflicts. I am confident it will happen. Hope does not disappoint. Read more about this crazy cool project here and here.

More good, better and best news to come!