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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For What it's Worth

I was at a party this weekend celebrating the fabulous Lindsey and her big day, coming soon, marrying the also fabulous Jake. They are testament to the power of happy endings. Hooray!

At the party I overheard a conversation between the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-of-the-groom. I wasn't eavesdropping. Honestly. They were saying how amazing all the presents were that had been opened. And one said to the other, "You gotta remember, these girls have more time than money. That's different than the way it was back in our day." And, I thought about it. Wouldn't I trade any money, and the stuff that comes along with it, for more time? Is this why we are a stressed-out, anxious, go-go-go society? We gave up trying to share experiences and now we just crave more stuff?

It reminded me that I recently began my "official" career as a personal shopper/fashion consultant. I know I have been doing this for years, but this was actually a job I am talking about (and, yes, I am available for hire--tell your friends!). My first legit client is a family friend and she bought me an amazing and totally hip jacket that I would have never bought myself as my payment. I had been expecting cold, hard cash, and was surprised by the "gift." She said, "You can always make more money, and I know you would never have gotten this for yourself." And she was absolutely right. At first I thought, this is how I was planning on making that money. But then I realized, she was right. You can always make more money. You can't make more time. Once it's spent, it's gone forever. And, the experience I had shopping, growing my new business and finding tremendous success will always be marked by my special coat. I love the coat as much for it's awesomeness as I do for what it means to me.

Honestly, right now I don't have much time OR money, but if I had to pick, I definitely would choose more time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Daughter is Hilarious

So Little G has a lot of new words. Well she has a lot of words, generally. Here are some of my favorites, new and old. And let's see if I can capture translations...

Cupcake= No translation, clear as a bell
Necknace= Necklace
Paaan= Pants
Cooold= Cold
Cheesse= Cheese
Sprow= Sprout (as in the Jolly Green Giant and...)
Baybeee= Baby
Goo Girl= Good Girl (Better known as Mo)
What's at?= What's that?
Ouside= Outside
Iyside= Inside
Cup= Cup
Cofee=Coffee (that's my girl!)
Biingy= Binky
Yalyee= Lolly (Lollipop the Bunny)
Kaack= What a duck says (must be said many, many times)
Duck= Duck
Cowww= Cow
Mooooo= Moo
Cacker= Cracker
Coo-kie= Cookie
Treat= Treat (for aforementioned Good Girl)
TeeeVee= TV (I know, that's sad)
Show= Show (still sad)
Baa Baa= Blah Blah Pig
Teef= Teeth
Uh-Ooh= Uh Oh
Peeze= Please
Peas= Peas (subtle difference)
Yaah= Yeah
No= No (something we hear a little more than we like)
Buhyee= Bye
Hiiiiii= Hi
Nigh-Nigh= Night
Mow= More= Usually said in reference to:
Nana= Banana, apparently the world's greatest food
Wawah= Water
Waffe= Waffle
Chae= Chair
Up= Up
Dow= Down, but sometimes actually means Up
Buh-buh bay= Bye, Bye Bear (an odd puppet/book)
Ma-net= Magnet (she doesn't have any cute/kid fancy magnets, just the regular old ones, which she loves)
Boo= Book, although I may try and use this to my advantage as a "boo" later this month
Ball= Ball-- be it golf, or football or baseball, she knows
Pay Ball= What I am trying to train her to say because it's Hi-Larious (Play Ball)
Wheee= Wheee, said at perfectly appropriate times
Whoa= Whoa, also said at perfectly appropriate times
Piiie= Pie, also the answer to "What does Mama love?" And, yes I do

I know I am forgetting so many, and I am choosing to not include all the names she says for people, but I think I should record these as much for myself as it is fun to share with others. Like I said in another post, she does have the cutest voice in the world. It's crazy adorable. And she's a stellar dancer. She's got all the moves. It's worth mentioning, too, that it's good she has all these words, because she takes my phone away and talks on it unceasingly for extended periods of time. For real.

Thanks for reading!


Shooo= Shoe
Saw= Sock
Boo t= Boot
Tank-yooo= Thank you
Bat= Bath
Aww Dun= All Done
I ge it= I'll Get It (said as she walks to the phone when it rings)
Soup= Soup
Hep= Help
Keys= Keys
Kyap= Clap
Me-ow Me-ow Me-ow= What cats say
Cat= Cat
Nummy= Mmm, that's delicious
Aga= Again

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On a Soap Box

This is an issue really near and dear to me and I want to make a plea that people vote properly on this initiative in Washington State.


Vote NO on I-1000

I know a lot of my friends who read this blog have differing political opinions than some of mine. I dare to guess we agree more than we disagree, but this is a crucial issue and it's important that we get people talking.

We cannot have Assisted Suicide in Washington State, and especially not the way this initiative is written. It has so many loopholes and is so messy that it creates a culture of death where people, concerned about being a "burden," will begin to feel obligated to relieve their loved ones of "suffering." This is about compassion. Let me say that again, this is about COMPASSION. And compassion literally means, "To suffer with." We are called to share in our lives, be it the best or worst of our lives. We are blessed to share in our joys of humanity and blessed to share in our sorrows. This is true compassion.

No one should make a solitary choice in their lowest moments. You do not need to do this alone. Let someone in who is willing to suffer with you. I promise no one is ever truly alone. I vow to sit with anyone in their sunset if that's what it takes.

While people may speak to dignity (or the lack of it) at the end of life, I say life has inherent dignity. We cannot be afraid of our truest humanity. Who are we to decide who has dignity and who does not? Earlier this year I had the experience of being with someone I love very much in their last moments. My mom embodied the greatest example of humanity. That last day I could not talk to her and she could not squeeze my hand three times to say, "I-Love-You," but she was no less human and no less filled with dignity than any other day of her life.

From the website...
What's wrong with I-1000?
I-1000 lacks real protection for people suffering from depression and mental illness.
I-1000 harms spouses and families.Under I-1000, a spouse or family member need not be told about the lethal overdose. [I-1000, Section 8]. Families might never know the truth of how their loved one died.
I-1000 endangers vulnerable people.I-1000's backers promote it as being about choice and individualized decision making. But as written, I-1000 does not empower patients. It provides an incentive for health plans to cut costs by steering people toward assisted suicide. I-1000 does not provide adequate safeguards to protect women, minorities, seniors and people with low incomes.

In Oregon, under a similar law, some patients are refused treatment by their insurance companies since they can save money by just providing the pills. Here is a story about a woman in Oregon battling lung cancer who was given death as her only option.

Doctors broadly disagree with this initiative because it is their sacred oath to care for people. "We believe physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the role of physicians as healers," said WSMA President Brian P. Wicks, MD. "Patients put their trust in physicians and that bond of trust would be irrevocably harmed by the provisions of this dangerous initiative." Read more here.

Beyond all these facts and loopholes and issues, it is wrong, in any circumstance to take another person's life. Even though people may talk about the term, "justifiable," it doesn't make the action right. If you have to rationalize or justify an action it is inherently wrong. You don't need to justify good behavior. We should at all times honor human life and do everything we can to protect it. True dignity is honoring people in whatever condition they are in. Dignity is unconditional. We need to show love at all times.

No person is exempt from suffering. It is part of life, inescapable. It's sad and it can break your heart. And grief is, in and of itself, lonely. But through compassion we can share the burden. Through compassion we can ease the loneliness and bring joy out of sorrow. Compassion allows us to ease pain and suffering. Compassion means you do not have to do this alone. It is a great gift to give and to receive. And this is about compassion.

Friday, October 03, 2008

When It's Time to Change...

So, more exciting changes ahead. The Dad Guy booked a BIG SHOW this winter! Not too shabby. He basically booked his first agent call audition in New York this trip, and he'll be working with a major Broadway director and cast. He's one of the principles! It's so amazing and awesome and impressive. I know he's this darned talented, but as I have said before, I always love when other people recognize his gifts, too.*

The show is going to be in D.C. after rehearsing in NYC. We're still figuring out where we will be and when, so it looks like I'll be in New York for a little bit and in D.C. for quite some time (through January). And, he found a great place to stay in New Jersey for a little bit before the show moves south.

Here on the home front, I did actually get to see my husband/father of my child for a few days. I think the math is that in a six-week period, I will have seen him for six days. This, to be clear, I do not enjoy. YUCK! If you are wondering why I haven't blogged (and I am sure you are not), it's because I have not had enough time on my hands while tending to the house, the business, the baby, and all, while being on my own.

We are in a little less limbo than we have been before, so we'll see how this stage goes. It's been fun working on my Dad's campaign a bit and Little G is a constant change fest in my house.

About my girl for a minute. She's getting so big, so fast. While she's still in the petite category, she's suddenly my little toddler. She talks all the time (no idea where she gets that from) and is so busy. She has the absolute cutest voice you have ever heard. Seriously. It's so cute. There is no way to translate it in print, but trust me. And let me know if you need references. Oh, and in addition to being smart, funny, creative, musical, darling, etc., she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It just doesn't get any better than her.

This hasn't been the easiest time, but I am grateful for the struggles and changes, and know that I am blessed day after day.

*He actually received the call with the booking on a Tuesday after I said my Nine Hail Marys Before Nine. Go prayer!