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Friday, October 03, 2008

When It's Time to Change...

So, more exciting changes ahead. The Dad Guy booked a BIG SHOW this winter! Not too shabby. He basically booked his first agent call audition in New York this trip, and he'll be working with a major Broadway director and cast. He's one of the principles! It's so amazing and awesome and impressive. I know he's this darned talented, but as I have said before, I always love when other people recognize his gifts, too.*

The show is going to be in D.C. after rehearsing in NYC. We're still figuring out where we will be and when, so it looks like I'll be in New York for a little bit and in D.C. for quite some time (through January). And, he found a great place to stay in New Jersey for a little bit before the show moves south.

Here on the home front, I did actually get to see my husband/father of my child for a few days. I think the math is that in a six-week period, I will have seen him for six days. This, to be clear, I do not enjoy. YUCK! If you are wondering why I haven't blogged (and I am sure you are not), it's because I have not had enough time on my hands while tending to the house, the business, the baby, and all, while being on my own.

We are in a little less limbo than we have been before, so we'll see how this stage goes. It's been fun working on my Dad's campaign a bit and Little G is a constant change fest in my house.

About my girl for a minute. She's getting so big, so fast. While she's still in the petite category, she's suddenly my little toddler. She talks all the time (no idea where she gets that from) and is so busy. She has the absolute cutest voice you have ever heard. Seriously. It's so cute. There is no way to translate it in print, but trust me. And let me know if you need references. Oh, and in addition to being smart, funny, creative, musical, darling, etc., she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It just doesn't get any better than her.

This hasn't been the easiest time, but I am grateful for the struggles and changes, and know that I am blessed day after day.

*He actually received the call with the booking on a Tuesday after I said my Nine Hail Marys Before Nine. Go prayer!


Blogger shelley said...

That, as we say down in here in Rainier, is pimp daddy.

Congrats to him...to you two on being able to have some time together, and to Little G for all her big changes! :)

6:15 PM  
Blogger dahli said...

congrats to Louis!
I can relate to you in having a traveling man for a partner. Randy is gone roughly 6 months every year (not all at once). It's bittersweet; I relish my independence & being on my own, but I do miss him so very much & count the days til we see each other again..(currently 8 days away).

3:19 PM  

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