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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

WWJD? Live it Up!

I am thinking of starting a prayer group. Maybe not a traditional prayer group, but something that might be defined that way. The thing is that I feel like my spiritual cup is emptying more quickly than I can fill it, and I need to figure out how to replenish it.

It's not that I have lost my faith or that I am spiritually bereft, I just need some essential, day-to-day, spiritual connections. I want to talk about things like why bad things happen to good people and what miracles really look like at a deeper level. And, I want to do it without freaking people out. This isn't the stuff of cocktail conversation or business calls. I just want to have a time and place where people can open up about this kind of stuff without someone saying (under their breath), "That's weird" or "Is she okay?"

And I am no holier-than-thou know-it-all. I just need to talk to some other people about faith, hope and love, which really are quite lovely topics of conversation. I know how to have a good time, too. I always point out that Jesus' first miracle was making some wine at a party. That is a guy who knows how to have fun. Talk about a party starter! What would Jesus do? Live it up!

Maybe it's the Christian Wine Club. Has a nice ring to it and that bit of humor that gets me every time. A little irony, vocabulary surprise, and a double meaning. And, this way, people could be all over the country and we could just convene online and share the same drink. One week could be:

Fill Your Spiritual Cup With: Seeking Out the Guidance of the Holy Spirit
Fill Your Cup With: Columbia Winery 2002 Merlot
Log on at 8!

That sounds like a good time to me. Whether you are a Christian or not, I think we have lost our ability to have a conversation about things that are meaningful. It's all made so hard and people are so afraid to say the wrong thing. If we don't start to have these kinds of conversations (maybe over a nice Malbec), we only stand to get more shallow. I don't want to be shallow.

Even the advent of the blog means that I am putting this out in the universe without any sense that anyone will comment back. It's not a conversation. It's a statement. And it's a statement I am making in a room, by myself, with only a 7 lb. dog to back me up or argue with me. I want to connect with people so that I can say this all and have a conversation and not just a personal statement.