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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Daughter is Hilarious

So Little G has a lot of new words. Well she has a lot of words, generally. Here are some of my favorites, new and old. And let's see if I can capture translations...

Cupcake= No translation, clear as a bell
Necknace= Necklace
Paaan= Pants
Cooold= Cold
Cheesse= Cheese
Sprow= Sprout (as in the Jolly Green Giant and...)
Baybeee= Baby
Goo Girl= Good Girl (Better known as Mo)
What's at?= What's that?
Ouside= Outside
Iyside= Inside
Cup= Cup
Cofee=Coffee (that's my girl!)
Biingy= Binky
Yalyee= Lolly (Lollipop the Bunny)
Kaack= What a duck says (must be said many, many times)
Duck= Duck
Cowww= Cow
Mooooo= Moo
Cacker= Cracker
Coo-kie= Cookie
Treat= Treat (for aforementioned Good Girl)
TeeeVee= TV (I know, that's sad)
Show= Show (still sad)
Baa Baa= Blah Blah Pig
Teef= Teeth
Uh-Ooh= Uh Oh
Peeze= Please
Peas= Peas (subtle difference)
Yaah= Yeah
No= No (something we hear a little more than we like)
Buhyee= Bye
Hiiiiii= Hi
Nigh-Nigh= Night
Mow= More= Usually said in reference to:
Nana= Banana, apparently the world's greatest food
Wawah= Water
Waffe= Waffle
Chae= Chair
Up= Up
Dow= Down, but sometimes actually means Up
Buh-buh bay= Bye, Bye Bear (an odd puppet/book)
Ma-net= Magnet (she doesn't have any cute/kid fancy magnets, just the regular old ones, which she loves)
Boo= Book, although I may try and use this to my advantage as a "boo" later this month
Ball= Ball-- be it golf, or football or baseball, she knows
Pay Ball= What I am trying to train her to say because it's Hi-Larious (Play Ball)
Wheee= Wheee, said at perfectly appropriate times
Whoa= Whoa, also said at perfectly appropriate times
Piiie= Pie, also the answer to "What does Mama love?" And, yes I do

I know I am forgetting so many, and I am choosing to not include all the names she says for people, but I think I should record these as much for myself as it is fun to share with others. Like I said in another post, she does have the cutest voice in the world. It's crazy adorable. And she's a stellar dancer. She's got all the moves. It's worth mentioning, too, that it's good she has all these words, because she takes my phone away and talks on it unceasingly for extended periods of time. For real.

Thanks for reading!


Shooo= Shoe
Saw= Sock
Boo t= Boot
Tank-yooo= Thank you
Bat= Bath
Aww Dun= All Done
I ge it= I'll Get It (said as she walks to the phone when it rings)
Soup= Soup
Hep= Help
Keys= Keys
Kyap= Clap
Me-ow Me-ow Me-ow= What cats say
Cat= Cat
Nummy= Mmm, that's delicious
Aga= Again


Anonymous Louis said...

Awesome post! I can't wait to see you guys.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Lena said...

Awesome list of words Noreen. You will treasure this for a long time!

4:01 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

You know what my fave thing is she says. It did not make the list.

I appreciated seeing her yesterday and asking for a kiss and hearing "No" as clearly and sweetly as can be -- even sweet when she won't give her Auntie Keet a kiss or hug or hold my hand. (But, strangely, I did get a handshake.)

I love seeing "Hep" on there for "Help." It reminds me of "Hep me, Gorla!"

Very funny. I love hearing her talk.

4:31 PM  
Blogger heatherliv said...

I love the baby-eez. Thanks for finding my new blog! It will be great to keep in touch this way. We are planning to visit NYC this summer, so if you guys are still there we will have to take the girls to the park for pyay, cofee,and fun!

11:15 PM  

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