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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Off to the Park

Ahhh. At last we made it to the park today (Astoria Park, above. Isn't it pretty?). The weather has been so crummy that it's been hard for Little G and me to get to the playground. It's nice that I can type the word playground, by the way. I cannot say it out loud unless I want it repeated incessantly and for my girl to stand waiting by the door. Seriously. She loves it.

So, sun is shining, and we're sick of being cooped up, so off to Astoria Park we go. This park is Ahhhhmazing. It is beautiful and huge nestled right up against the (less-scary-than-you-think) East River. The park was packed. Lots of people were sporting and picnicking on the rolling lawn, the ice cream truck sat on the street to offer treats, and the playground was bustling with happy kids. Today amongst those kids was my kid, and that made me very happy.

There were lots of times I was told, "I do it by myself," which I am doing my best to get used to. And she does get around where she needs/wants to go, quite nicely. She is so her Dad's girl, independent spirit and all. But one moment she lost track of me and I could see her pause, look around and quietly begin saying, "Mommy." Then, a little louder, "Mommmmy." Then she spotted me and I got one of those big, peaceful smiles. So she does still need me. Sometimes.

Tomorrow is Dad Guy's first full day off in quite some time and I think we'll try to trek back to the park. This time I think we'll grab a picnic and lounge for a bit, but it won't be long till we hear, "Playground!"
Here she is at the new place, actually stepping back for the photo and saying, "Cheese!"
I can't decide what my favorite part of our "upscale camping" scenario I like best in this picture. Maybe it's Baby strewn about in front of the TV on the box. And, yes, Days of Our Lives is on. Days is never on, so I can't believe we captured that. After this we went into the City to meet Dad Guy.


Anonymous Rona said...

Nor, I loved this little glimpse into your life in NYC! Still trying to figure out how to get out there in the next few months. XO.

6:34 PM  
Blogger noreen said...

I hope you figure it out. I can't wait to see you!

We just got our mattress and so we are starting to move away from camping indoors and starting to have a real life!

6:42 PM  
Blogger BethanyWD said...

Gosh, she is SO adorable. What a perfect combination of you and Lou!

6:48 PM  
Anonymous beth c said...

We are just beginning to have words we can't say out loud because of the instant obsession with said item. How long can you spell things out before they figure that out too, is what I want to know!

8:22 PM  
Blogger noreen said...

Bethany, thanks soo much. We think she's pretty cute. There are moments of pure Louis-ness, but others where I see a glimpse of me.
Beth, Gwen often knows what we are spelling, so we have come up with code words. We refer to her pacifier (otherwise known as "Binky") as Lord Voldemort. Whoops.

6:55 AM  
Blogger etav said...

We make up code words in our house too! Her binky is a "device", Goldfish crackers are now "sea creatures" and Teddy Grahams are "hibernating animals". Sometimes I don't remember what we are even talking about!

9:44 PM  

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