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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I write to you now as a person who has attended the Tony Awards.

It was so fun!

It turns out that we weren't in nosebleed seats AT ALL. In fact our seats were amazing. We weren't down in the mix with all the "famous" folks, but I will say that Steven Weber was just down ahead of us and I was sitting next to the daughter of one of the producers of "Hair." That should tell you a) we weren't far from B-listers; b) "important" people still put their kids with people like me, so it can't be so bad. We were in row N, just under the mezzanine. Wonder what that looks like? Wonder no more:

This is just before all the ceremony started. I didn't want to get busted for taking photos during the show, but I am glad I caught this. I was close enough that I actually didn't even need to really watch the big screens! They were handy, especially to see the odd facial expressions of one of the "Hair" tribe members during their acceptance. I suspect the party started early for that guy. Whoa! And you know who is even more hilarious than that whacked out dude? Neil Patrick Harris! He was an amazing host. He was funny during the show and during the commercials. Love him. My hubby shook his hand during the show. So cool.

And, yes, I saw Brett Michaels biff his face on the set. Whoops. I know they should have stopped the drop from coming in, but for Pete's sake, dude... Follow your blocking and look out for the set. My sister and I clutched one eachother's hands and gasped when it happened. Glad he walked away with minor contusions so I can laugh about it now. That's what you get for "Rock of Love Bus."

It was so cool to get to sit with my dad and sister during the awards, I must say. They had just seen "The Show" the day before so they were some of the biggest cheerleaders. When I talk to people who watched the awards they always say that our little show got huge cheers whenever it was announced. We were those people! That was one of the coolest things about being there, the ability to be in the room when nominees (and winners!) were announced. It reminded me how a part of this Broadway family I am blessed to be. Am I actually living this dream?! Pinch me. I laughed. I cried. A lot.

During the ceremony, The Hubby and I texted back and forth from our seats. We could see one another when we stood up to cheer, but not so much while we were seated. But texting turned out to be a way we could wink and nudge. If you are a voyeur like me perhaps you would like to know what we said. If you are not, you can skip this part. Following along you may recognize what parts of the show we are talking about. Here are some highlights:

Him: This is Redonk.

Me: Right? Holy Cow! I cannot believe this is real.

Him: That's one.

Me: Maybe Billy isn't running away with this thing...

Him: Grrrr!

Me: Double grrrrr.


Him: Shut up!

Me: Shut it all up!!!

Even Later

Him: That was confusing. Not sure why they chose that.

Me: Cool dancing but... huh? Doesn't make me want to see Billy.

At the After Party

Me: Looouis... Where are you?

Speaking of which, the after party was awesome. As was the pre-show. So much delicious food. I don't even know where to start. At the pre-show, I think the mini tacos were the winners. Oh, good golly, those were yummy. The post-show party highlight was probably the empanadas. Or the crab cakes. Or the mini grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Or maybe the gelato. I could have kept eating but you eventually just have to stop. But better than the spectacular food was a chance to be at a party where people show up with their Tony Awards. I got to see a brand spankin' new, shiny, fresh Tony! So cool. And those were some happy winners. Big congrats to Tom, Brian, Alice and Michael. They were all so gracious and pleased to share their honors with everyone there. Nothing like it.

In classic fashion, we didn't take nearly enough photos. Shocking, I know. I do have one shot of us for now. It's at the pre-show party. My dad and sister are just to my left. We were just toasting our good fortune right before we took this, so it seems like the perfect shot.

It's not the most flattering photo of me, but I love the moment (but seriously, what's up fat arms?! My arms do not look like that.). And I love the prominent role my mom's pearls play in the picture. The beautiful clasp my dad designed for her is front and center. She would love that. And The Dad Guy is sooooo handsome. He's wearing a fancy schmancy tux that he was wardrobed in for the night. Big props to Sisley menswear. This fit amazingly, was fabulously fashionable and he's wearing blue suede shoes. Hot stuff.

I proudly tell you that I did my own hair and it wins. I got so many compliments. And my favorite comment, "Who did your hair? It looks great!" Many bobby pins and a little husbandly assistance was required, but I pulled it off. Tee hee hee. Of course, I don't really have any good photos of it. Boo.

So, enough rambling. That's the recap. I didn't even get to the knee wound I managed to collect, the crazy as heck cab rides, Little G's big night out, insane foot pain, or any number of other stories. This is just a basic document. If there is something else you are dying to know, say the word. Man, I am long-winded.



Anonymous Rona said...

Noreen! Thank you! I've been waiting an entire week for this post. My thoughts:

1. You look bee-you-tee-full! I was thinking "great hair" BEFORE I got to the bit about you doing it yourself - huge props!

2. Mini tacos were the highlight food? I must confess I'm a bit nonplussed. Where was the caviar?

3. I must admit, I laughed that one particular laugh of mine when the rocker dude got biffed in the head. I'm a cretin.

Eagerly awaiting your next post...

Big love,

4:22 PM  
Blogger noreen said...

Thanks Rona! I love that you read it! The hair was no minor accomplishment, so I am glad it's appreciated. That is so an area that I have zero skills. I should say that the mini tacos were no ordinary experience. They were the fanciest and most delicious mini tacos ever. Aileen and Dad would concur, I think. They also had fancy pizza that ROCKED. You are not a cretin. You are hilarious! And I love you!

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Louis said...

I love that you put our texts in this. Made me laugh!

4:07 AM  
Blogger dahli said...

Not the most flattering photo of you? Pshaw!
You looked stunning! Thank you so much for this post - I enjoyed it very very much.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved reading this! It was so fun to get your first hand account. I was thinking of you guys sooo much that day. I scoured the satellite cable and was so happy to find the Tonys on channel 400-something. You both look amazing in that picture. Awesome that your dad and sister were able to come to. You have no idea how many people were supporting you from afar!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

doh. typo. I meant glad your dad and sister were able to come too, not come to. That sounded like they needed smelling salts.

7:57 AM  

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