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Thursday, March 12, 2009

On the road

The Dad Guy, The Girl, and I have been taking a long walk everyday this week and I am loving it. We probably walk about three miles total, up and down some serious hills and stairs. I feel great about this and love the idea of getting a little more fit. I'd feel better about my own achievements if my husband didn't do this leisurely walk with us then run the same distance or longer in the same day. Overachiever.

So, it's been great to get up and have a destination. My life here is so odd because I don't really have appointments or projects outside our little sublet, so I have to make reasons to get out. So, our daily destination is the delightful waterfront Starbucks on the Hudson River. We seriously walk the boardwalk on the Hudson each day. That's kind of crazy, I must admit. And, man, that view is something else. There is also a great grocery store, the AP Fresh that I am in love with right now. So, we make that our destination and blast our glutes regularly. What's good for the glutes is good for the gander, right.

I am pretty sure Little G's stroller might explode one day, though. It's a pretty cheap stroller we got after transitioning out of the Snug Glider Frame (the only way to go with a little baby. Best. Stroller. Ever.). Not being sure what kind of stroller we'd need for the next stages of our adventures we got something that would get us by, and it's been great, especially for the $35 I spent on it. But it's gone way past its mileage. You wouldn't expect to see an '85 Ford Escort with 400,000 miles still out and about would you? We've literally probably logged hundreds of miles on the stroller and she's probably ready to retire. So, now the hunt is on for a new stroller. I'd love for it to be super lightweight, collapse easily, have a strap, be comfortable enough to fall asleep in, take bumps well, clean-up nicely, have a cup holder and storage, have a canopy, or at least be a moderately good combination of some or all of the above. Any suggestions would be delightful!

After the images you'll be rewarded with the funniest thing she's ever said...

But here are some images from our Big City adventures: Who's that in the white doctor's coat in that Broadway theatre poster behind us? Tee hee hee.

Waiting for the ferry to take us across the Hudson. Not too shabby.

On the ferry. A little windblown.

Warming up at Starbucks!

Early morning on the Hudson.

You've earned it. Funny story. We've been working on the Little G telling us when she's pooped as a beginning of potty training. She's still really hit and miss, but she's getting the idea. When she gets it right it's usually a loud and very official announcement, "I POOOPED." She woke up really early this morning so we pulled her into bed with us, which, as it turns out, means that no one gets more sleep. So, in his waking Dad Guy farts. It's loud. In her awesome little voice, The Girl says, "Dada pooped."

I hope not, but I understand her confusion.


Blogger BethanyWD said...

You all look like such a lovely NYC family! Yah!!

Okay, strollers. I have, AND LOVE, two Maclaren strollers. My single is 5 plus years old and has traveled via plane many times. My is old so it doesn't have a carrying strap, but the newer models now do. I have the Quest - which sort of mid in their product line, but still really, really lightweight (like 12 pounds) and reclines, too (which is hard to find in a lightweight umbrella stroller.

I also have their double stroller - Twin Techno (it can be used from birth AND fits through standard doorways).

I cannot recommend Maclarens enough!

9:08 PM  

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