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Friday, July 24, 2009

On a Mission

So, I am taking on a new project. I am in search of the perfect chocolate cookie recipe. Not just any "perfect" cookie, but perfect according to my husband. I've been looking for a baking quest and he gave it to me on a platter-- well more on a cookie plate. He's imagining his ideal cookie and I intend to create it. After a great deal of research it doesn't look like what he's dreaming of is out there. Yet. More on his specs later, but for now I need your input on the right baking tools. I need the perfect baking sheet. I am thinking of the jelly roll pan from Costco paired with a Silpat. Am I right? I think this is what I see my Food Network pals using. Is there something out there I have never even heard of before?

Also, I need a hand mixer. I already have an amazing KitchenAid Mixer, lovingly packed away in storage. It won't be making the trip to NYC, so I need help finding a hand mixer and bowl combo that will do the trick. Thoughts?

I have been inspired to take on this challenge, looking for a new accomplishment to achieve, and have been doubly inspired by some other bloggers chat on this topic. Have you seen CakeSpy's history of the chocolate chip cookie? Hilarious and brilliant! And Bakerella's take on The Cookie reminded me of many awesome days of baking cookies with my sister Kate. Perfection. And in her most recent post Zesty Jenny hinted at a great recipe. Bring it on!


Anonymous beth c said...

I'm not sure what the hub's definition is, but the best recipe I've come up with thus far is the one out of the Baking Illustrated cookbook for the Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip cookie. It's big (about 1/4 cup dough per cookie), and the shaping technique yields a big fat cookie. I use an airbake pan lined with parchment, and the secret ingredient that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE with cookies for me is the Mexican Vanilla. It's so much better than any other vanilla I've used, and the taste especially comes through in that recipe. Equally good with or without nuts. And please get in touch with me about dates for a visit!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

You should talk to your sister-in-law Sonja about cookies. She makes some of the best I've ever had -- and you know that's high praise from me. ; )

Seriously: Sonja's cookies blow my mind.

9:32 AM  
Blogger noreen said...

Beth, I had wondered about the Airbake pan. That had been the premier baking sheet in my family's house as a kid. That's how Kate made her killer chocolate chips. May have to look at that again.
Kate, cookie praise from you is taken very seriously. I may actually see if I can use Sonja's recipe as a template. I think her's is a take off from a Martha recipe. And yes, they are World Rocking. You make super tasty chocolate chip cookies, too. The Bakerella page really did make me think of you.

2:40 PM  

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