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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Getting Better Every Day

Hello, All! And welcome to 2008. I took some time off to honor the holidays and I am back to be a better person in '08.

That is, in fact, my resolution. I know it kind of sounds like a cop out, but I intend to have concrete markers for this and to be resolute-- as a resolution might call me to be. Here are some things in store:

--I will be more personal in my interactions with loved ones. This involves finishing my thank you notes from Little G's presents, sending the birth announcements I ordered months ago, and making sure I write handwritten notes from time to time. I value these things so much in my life and want to share that with others.
--I will not be swearing anymore. Not that I think swearing makes someone a "bad person." It's just not right for me. Swearing often comes from an angry place with me. I don't want to be angry. If I am upset, it needs to get expressed differently. And I don't want The Babes growing up with a potty mouth.
--Donate more time and money to charitable causes. I have many causes I care about and want to be more involved with my church. This will happen more in '08
--I intend to live more simply. I don't need much. I need my family, my friends and the basics of life. I want to spend less $$$ so I can not be stressed about it. The stress takes away from the stuff that is ACTUALLY important.
--Take better care of myself. I plan to work out twice a week (at minimum), eat less junk, get more sleep (when Little G works her sleep business out), etc. Easier said than done.
--In addition to the items above I am committed to flossing. Yes, I said flossing. Every day. I heard somewhere that flossing can add years to your life. All the items above, and this pesky flossing business, are meant to ensure I long healthy life, to a ripe old age, so that I might fully enjoy all of the blessing and milestones of The G's life. I think I might be able to make it to a time where I could even see her grandchildren. Wouldn't that be cool?
--Pray more. This is at the core of who I am and what I value. I will go to church at least once a week and pray every day.
--Forgiveness. I want to be a more forgiving and peaceful person. This goes as much for forgiving myself as for forgiving others.
--Be nicer to my husband. He gets the brunt of my frustrations and it isn't warranted. We are a team and I choose him to be my other half for the rest of my life-- and clearly I plan for these to be long lives (he's already a good flosser). They should be joyful years and not anxious ones. I went to a wedding over the weekend and the sermon was about building a marriage on a strong foundation and loving one another fully. I get it.

Obviously there are a lot more elements, but this should be a good start.

I decided to close on the note about my sweet husband, as today is our ninth anniversary. Happy, happy day! I cannot believe I am old enough to have been married this long. Honestly, at the particular moment, I am so grateful to still be together and to still love him so very much. Marriage is hard. Anything worth having always is. We have certainly had our ups and downs, but now, more than ever, I am so happy we have been able to stick it out. He makes me who I am, and I am eternally blessed by and grateful for that.

Happy, happy day. Happy, happy year...


Blogger Kate said...

Happy anniversary, Noreen and Louis! I can't believe it's been nine years. Wow. Our resolutions are almost identical -- go figure. I love you and can't wait to see what 2008 has in store you and Lou and The G and me and John and our family.

7:02 PM  
Blogger BethanyWD said...

Congratulations on 9 wonderful years! You know, the older and more married I get, I actually get MORE frustrated with the idea of divorce (look at me, I'm getting more conservative in my old age!). Yes, marriage is sometimes hard, but it's also the coolest to know that I will be married to my best friend forever. And not just for us, but for everybody, esp. now (for the past 5 years!) that we have kids. How could I possibly take the kids away from their father, who loves them more than ANYTHING? Unthinkable. Congratulations on your continuing commitment to the sacrament of marriage.

7:37 PM  
Blogger dahli said...

Happy Anniversary! It's hard to believe that it's been nine years. Congratulations & my best to you as put your resolutions into play.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Rachel Cardwell (Morton) said...

My goodness, I had to step back and let it soak in that you've been married for nine years. Lord have mercy! Something you wrote struck me, that you chose him to be your partner. That is SO important to keep at the forfront during life's trials. Keeps us from feeling stuck and empowers us in our work as wife/mother/lover/friend. Congratulations on this milestone, and on your precious angel, G.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Jill O. said...

Congratuations Lou and Nor on 9 years. Wow! Next year is truly going to feel like a milestone. Yet every year is a milestone...I've learned that much in my 5 year marriage.

I wish you the best in putting your best foot forward in 2008. I hope Brian and I can meet Little G in the coming year. :)

9:16 AM  
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