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Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's Christmastime, Everyone! And I do feel it's the most wonderful time of the year. I am actually kind of a Christmas nut job. It's true. I got married at Christmas to have lit trees as the backdrop to my wedding. I start a Christmas countdown at 100 days. I happen to know when it's 100 days till the holiday because it gloriously coincides with one of my sister's birthdays. I am not sure she even knows that her birthday begins the countdown, but somehow I do. In any case, everyone who knows me knows I love it, and now, so do you.

So, it was an amazing day last weekend when I got to cut down my Christmas tree with my husband and my firstborn child. There was a chorus singing, I think. And then, with carols on the radio, joy in the air, and loved ones around me... it began to snow. It was so, so awesome. There aren't words. I thought last year took the cake, the hubby sang "White Christmas" as the Westlake tree was lit the day after Thanksgiving last year. I was pregnant and weeping. And it was fun. That did kind of rock. But this year was just the loveliest.

We made our tree chopping plans thanks to a very cool friend, Shelley. See, Shelley is cool for so many reasons.

A) She's just about as fun and truly nice as you can imagine (Proof: http://shelleynviper.blogspot.com/)
B) She's marrying a man who owns a tree farm (Want one? Try http://sprouffsketrees.com/)
C) She's a kick-a$$ photographer who has done a darn fine job of documenting Lil' G's life. In fact, if you want a peek at my joyous Christmas tree cutting, snowy family spectacular, you can visit Shelley's photo blog: http://shelleymauss.blogspot.com/

If you do visit Shelley's personal blog you'll see that she's a Christmas fan, too. Love that! And she's a darn fine blogger, at that. Ooh, and she's about to get married this holiday season. Congrats Shelley and Jonathan!

So, Merry Christmas to all! And, God bless us, everyone!


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