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Monday, July 24, 2006

Came in through the Bathroom Pocket Door

Hey kids, gather 'round, it's time to talk about home remodeling.

So, my beloved hubby is a great remodeler. His work is exemplary and our house and I have benefited tremendously from his carpentry. He really is amazing, but our bathroom has sincerely been in remodel state for about a year now. While our shower was essentially unusable for quite some time, it is now all unusable-- but on it's way to being something marvelous very soon.

We have a pocket door. It's really quite a miracle. I love it. Now our master bathroom is really a master bathroom, as it connects with our master bedroom. Masterfully. I cannot even tell you how cool it is. The way a pocket door works is much more complicated then how a standard swinging one works. It involves taking down drywall, rewiring, re-framing, and, at last, putting in a door that slides elegantly from inside the frame, to it's opening. Cool right? What I really learned is that I love seeing things completed, but with these kinds of projects it has to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

Now, I am about to make a generalization about women. Please forgive me in advance. In my very unscientific research (talking to women I know), I discovered that most women get very tense when things have entered the "disaster time" just before a project gets finished. I don't believe that I am without "vision" for the finished product, but I truly believe that the whole space becomes a walking nightmare. And it's not done until it is actually done, so who knows how long the absurdity will go on.

Now, my master carpenter husband does not see things this way. He looks at the unfinished pocket door, torn down drywall and backerboard flooring and says, "Wow! This is awesome." And, it does. It looks awesomeish. It will look awesome. But it looks like greatness that wants to be wrapped in drywall, paint and the beautiful tiles that are currently residing in boxes in our living room. It looks awesome in the way a clean, blank canvas looks awesome. Good for now, but not a masterpiece. Yet.

I will post a photo of the pocket door soon. And you will realize it's awesome mastery.


Blogger Aileen said...

I want to see a photo or come over.

It bet the whole thing is very doushy.


1:06 PM  
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