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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fashionista Confessions Part I

In my spare time (insert uproarious laughter here), I like to expound on fashion, pop culture and the like. That's the confession part. In a weird way it is part of my job and sort of my obsession (maybe that's the confessional moment, actually).

Alas, here is my most recent Spring Fashion Preview I have running. You can find it on a Website I love, www.RedStarHS.com. It's a teen site that is a forum for self-expression. It's a place where girls and guys can safely talk to one another without trending toward petty stuff. And kids get paid to write articles and share their experiences and views of the world. Teenage girls need it more than they even know.

Look it, live it, feel it--Come alive with the newest trends!

Long, Flowing Skirts
This is a great trend that takes you right into fall. Skirts made of breathable, soft fabrics (like cotton) wear well dressed-up and dressed-down.

Polo shirts are still hot, and a great alternative to a regular t-shirt. You’re seeing polos at all levels from Old Navy to Fred Segal. No ponies necessary, by the way.

This shoe craze started last summer and is back and even bigger in 2006. Espadrilles are wedge heeled shoes that lace up the ankle. A big trend this year is embellished espadrilles with sequins or embroidery.

You might not even own one right now, but dresses—even for daytime—are a big. Maybe try a shirt dress. You can belt it with a hot, trendy belt and play with accessories.

With a dress and flowing skirt now on their way to your closet, you can probably see that soft and pretty rule this spring. Why not add a little lace, ruffles or satin to the mix? Maybe it's just a headband and heels that you need to complete the look.

Neutral Colors
Spring’s palette isn’t dark and heavy. There’s a lot of white, along with ivory, beige and other pales that great paired with many of the other trends. Neutral laces are gorgeous. If you feel like you need a dash of color, think of those found in nature: sea blue and leafy green make great accents. And don’t forget to keep make-up neutral and simple, too.

Long-Length Shirts
You’ve probably seen them, and you may already have one or two in your closet. Tanks and tees that hit at hip level or longer are huge right now. You can belt it or wear it alone, but this is a great complement to jeans or the knee-length trend in shorts.

Novelty Purses and Bags
Let your personality shine through with what you carry. Denim, buckles, patent leather, woven materials—they all do the trick. Look for something that takes you out all day and says a little something about you. A plain black bag might be fine for fall, but look for something with a lot of sass this spring.

Jewelry is pretty and a little flashy this year. Longer necklaces complement the long, lean silhouette of the season and can come in gold, beads or whatever you like. Wear a few long necklaces together and play around with your options.

Subtle Glow
You can put away the bronzer for now. With a paler trend to pair with neutrals, slightly tinted shimmers are the way to get this year’s subtle glow. With so many products on the market now you can find products that give you a hint of a sun-kissed tint without going overboard. Popular brands come in multiple shades so you can look like you glow all-year-round.

Editor's Note: This all feels a little "prissy" for a blog, I think. Take it or leave it. There really aren't hard and fast fashion rules. However, nothing wrong with knowing your Huaraches from your Stilettos, I say. And this really is sort of part of my job, so maybe it all makes sense.


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Noreen, no disclaimer necessary on your blog! You write what you want and if people don't want to read it, they can move right along.

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